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CFB Senior Bowl
FOX Sports
CBS Sports
SEC Network

In front of the camera, a commanding presence and a strong ability to engage audiences will determine how effectively you communicate and your overall success as part of or dealing with the media.

It is crucial to know how to prepare and provide messages that are substantive and engaging.

Finely honed media skills make you look good.  They make your personal brand appealing.  They make you sought after.

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Matalon Media provides one-on-one or group training in a variety of formats for those looking to start or elevate a career in broadcast or digital media.  Improving your communication skills – verbal, physical and editorial – will play a large role in how successful you are in your pursuit of your media-related goals.

Matalon Media offers nearly three decades of media training experience that can be brought to bear on your or your team’s performance.  Whether you need training as part of an overall effort to improve, as preparation for media interviews or presentations or for someone looking to transition from a career on the sidelines to the broadcast booth.NBPA_Hummel

All of our training provides the following skill assessments and development:

The structure of …Message development

How to…Communicate with confidence, strength, clarity and brevity

Show….Techniques that allow you to own your message

Teach….The art of using segues to communicate important messages

Explain….Preparation and techniques to control emotions and focus

Discuss…Social media strategies

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