Gerry Matalon is recognized as one of the sports industry’s top evaluators and coaches of media talent for all platforms.  His expertise in the art and practice of communication on-air, on the radio, in person or online has helped to elevate the performance of many members of the sports media as well as speakers in the medical, legal and business fields.  Whether dealing with someone just starting out or an established, premier-level personality, Gerry provides in-depth analysis, feedback and hand-on training geared to improving how you look, sound and “feel” to an audience.

A seven-time Emmy Award winner, Gerry has spent 28-years coaching, managing and developing sports media personnel.  He has developed, planned, and produced live shows and events such as SportsCenter and NFL Countdown.  While at ESPN, he oversaw several major technology initiatives.  His goal was to understand the mediums on which his team would appear, enabling him to help them improve their performances.

Formerly ESPN’s Sr. Coordinating Producer of Talent Planning & Development, Gerry’s duties included assessing the on-air performance of new and established talent.  These assessments would then be synthesized into actionable feedback to help both the novice and veteran personality improve.   One primary responsibility was working with former athletes and coaches who were transitioning into careers in media.  To effect a smooth shift, he created programs that provided personalized performance coaching, career management and mentoring.

Gerry’s direct engagement with the on-air personnel helped identify growth opportunities and best practices for success at ESPN and the media at large.

Gerry has worked with several hundred media personalities including:

Tim Tebow
Bob Knight
Lou Holtz
Rece Davis
Hannah Storm
Scott Van Pelt
Sage Steele
Stuart Scott (whom Gerry also “discovered”)

The NFL and NBA player media programs annually enlist Gerry provide his expertise on talent development and media training.  He serves as a presenter, trainer and faculty member on various workshops.  These programs are vital for players exploring and transitioning to a post-playing career in TV, radio, on-line writing, social and digital media.

Previously, Gerry was in charge of the production teams and studio content for live game coverage, programs that are regularly ESPN’s highest viewed programming. His primary oversight was for college football and basketball, along with Monday Night Football, World Cup, NBA and MLB.

Overall his goal when he works with anyone is simple.  Be Interesting 

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